timeless classics living in harmony with unique, unpredictable goods.

Not just a kid store! We have great GIFTS for all occasions including Mother's Day!

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Come in to Tumbleweed, we may just have the perfect gift for your loved one! Maybe at first glance we look like a children's store, but the observant are rewarded with treasures galore! Mugs, handmade pottery, unique jewelry, specialty and fun books, plushes for kids, wallets, coin purses, scooters for adults as well as children, Brooklyn caps, shirts and onesies and more can all be found here at Tumbleweed General Store & Gallery. Stop in this weekend! We are open Saturday 12:00-6:00, don't be surprised if you find us open later, we sometimes end up staying late Friday and Saturday nights, even as late as 10:00 pm! Sunday we will be here 12:00-4:00. At the Bed Stuy location we will be open Saturday 12:00-8:00 and Sunday 1:00-8:00. 


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Tell everyone to buy their Saltwater Sandals here! 

We have an ongoing, never-expiring special where you buy 3 pair at regular price and your 4th pair is half off! We will track your purchases for you so you don't have to worry about carrying a "punch card" and losing it.

If you think you will only buy 1 pair in several years, you can name 1 specific person to transfer your credit to and it will count as 1 of their 3! Or if you are only 1 pair from getting the half off pair, you can find a friend to come in and buy a pair here and give their credit to you so you can get your next pair half off! Any time! Any questions, just ask!

Tumbleweed General Store & Gallery Bed Stuy location hosts 2nd event

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nov 21 event Vani Dan and I.JPG
Dan of S,T Coffee, Edina of Tumbleweed General Store & Gallery and Vani of Clementine Bakery

Last Saturday Nov 21, Tumbleweed General Store & Gallery hosted a pop-up shop/gallery show organized by ARTSO.

   Event featured live DJ (djynot) pastries by Clementine Bakery, coffee by S,T Coffee, photography by Arlene Ramirez and Cali York Photography, paintings by Jaadin Adele, a pocket square collection by Pocket Squared N.Y. vintage clothing and accessories by Mintage Brooklyn, as well as plenty of goodies from Tumbleweed itself! (bullet necklaces, screw studs, hoops and cufflinks, 6 pack carriers, wallets, Brooklyn caps, shirts and hoodies, etc etc)

   If you know anyone who may be interested in taking part of a pop-up shop or gallery show, please have them get in touch with Tumbleweed General Store & Gallery. We are looking for merchandise vendors, visual artists and musicians (the type who won’t upset the neighbors, hehe!!!) Please send email to edinaciti8@gmail.com  or text (or call) 917-650-2728 or DM on instagram at @tumbleweedbrooklyn 

If you know anyone who may be interested in sharing space on short term or long term basis, we offer space at the Bed Stuy location, please contact us at the aforementioned contacts.

Find a way to hold on to your humanity

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We all see all this development going on everywhere and probably most of us have mixed feelings about it. Don't let anyone see you as a number, don't let anyone take away your humanity. Don't work your fingers to a bone to make someone else's dreams come true. Know your worth, know your dreams, and always find a way to take your own path instead of following the paths laid down for you by others.

Gotta love the quirks...

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green memo books.JPG

You know that you know someone who would absolutely go mad for these memo/mini sketchbooks! Stop by and pick one up, they're only $7.95 and will make someone very very happy! We will be open Monday on Labor Day from Noon to 4:00 if you're in town! 

The creative process...

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I love to stop in at the studios of some of our Brooklyn artists to see them in action! Here's Julie's studio (of Goodship Made) with some of the pieces available at Tumbleweed General Store & Gallery. Beautiful Knot Bags in black, natural and olive are so gender neutral! The spicy orange just wakes you up! Julie designs the prints, prints them right here in Brooklyn and sews them piece by piece in her studio in Gowanus! These totes are so durable and easy to care for. They get even better with age. Stop in at Tumbleweed and bring one home. Not only will you be getting a high-quality hand made, beautiful, durable piece, but you will be supporting a local artisan from the neighborhood as well as a local small business owner! 

Opening measures.....

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Thank you for your patience to everyone who passed by and wondered when will we be open?? We prefer mystery to big splashes, even if a business manager would advise otherwise! 

As we sum up the last days of summer, the weird hours will diminish and our hours will become more regular! 

Thank you to everyone who supports their little local mom and pop shops and keeping it local, personal and full of friendliness and loving vibes all around!