timeless classics living in harmony with unique, unpredictable goods.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this? Is this a kid's store?

This is not just a kid's store. While we do carry a good deal of merchandise for children, (clothing, baby blankets, scooters, toys, books, puzzles etc) we are not limited to being a destination for people looking for things to buy for children. We have clothing and accessories for men and women as well. We also carry lovely unique gifts, jewelry and objects for the home. So please come in an look around! We have been getting new inventory in nearly every single day so odds are you will see something you haven't seen before!


When did you open?

We opened at the beginning of summer! As for the Bed Stuy location, we were open in the summer, but very limited hours as we finished up the construction. 


Why is it that every time I see you, it looks like you're closed?

We only just opened this summer and have been transitioning into being! Since we are new, if the owner can't be there, the store can't be open. (One of her daughters holds it down at the Bed Stuy location on weekends.) The owner had an 8 year old son and the cost of summer day camp was prohibitive, so it was "bring your kids to work day" every day this summer! Since that would have been cruel, the owner decided to be open part time so that her son could live life outside retail on some days! Once school is back in session, the hours will become more regular. Please check in on the "about" page for the most current hours of operation. 


What is your concept?

The owner wanted to create a place filled with beautiful, cute and unique finds, along with timeless classics. A place where anyone can come to shop. Rather than have a children's store, she wanted to have a place where Mom comes in looking for a pair of sandals for Junior, but after all her hard work being a mom, wouldn't it be nice to buy herself a little something too?? And we have plenty of a little something too!

We want to establish friendly, long term, ongoing relationships with our customers and neighbors. We want to get to know you and what you need, want, and love. We want us to know each other as fellow human beings! Come in and say hello! No one will be rude to you here! We are genuinely happy to see each person who walks in the door! And please give us comments and suggestions on how we can be better. 

We know that for some people price is not an option, but we offer a few different price points because that is not the boat everyone is in! So please don't be scared off if you look at the price tag and see there is a baby dress for $72, because if you look at the next rack, or ask for help, you will find an adorable dress for about $40. We even carry a small selection of used items for even less! (If you are looking for prices that compare to big box stores or discount stores, that's one thing we have no desire to compete with. We believe in quality, and paying a fair price for it.)