timeless classics living in harmony with unique, unpredictable goods.

Welcome to Tumbleweed General Store and Gallery

Beautiful Things-- Be it a baby's dress, a woman's scarf, a man's wallet, or a kitchen table's bud vase, we just want to bring you beautiful things. Mixed in with cute things. Things that make you smile and add a little punch of joy in your day every time you see it, use it or wear it!

2 locations, both in Brooklyn

331 Henry street (Cobble Hill) & 

363 Tompkins Ave (Bed-Stuy) 

Cobble Hill Shop Hours (for February): 

THURSDAYS: 2:00-6:10

FRIDAYS: 11:00-6:10

SATURDAY and SUNDAY 12:30-6:30

Bed-Stuy Shop Hours:

FRIDAYS: 2:00-8:00pm

SATURDAYS: 12:00-8:30pm

***NOTE: If you need a time that is not during our regular business hours, please text or call  917-650-2728 or email edinaciti8@gmail.com we can make a special trip in for you almost any day and time as early as 9:00 am and as late as 10:00 pm.